January Reviews Are Here!

Welcome to the blog for Micktabulous Drams. This blog is connected to the Micktabulous Dramas website that focuses on bring insight into the world of Korean entertainment. This blog is just a simple place to post my honest opinion on the dramas, movies, and variety shows from Korean.

Just the reviews of the shows or movies that I have watched will be written here. There will also include some suggestions for shows to watch and maybe some info about the stars/actors of the shows.

To reach the reviews just click on the three dots next to Micktabulous dramas header, and a dropped down box will appear. That box will bring you to the drama reviews.

I hope you like it and disclaimer I am not a writer nor am I an English guru. Bear with me while I learn how to convey my thoughts about each drama I share with you guys.

Instead of making drama, just watch a Kdrama instead!



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