January's Drama Review Monday

Manic Monday -1st Week January 2020
Welcome to Manic Monday! Here we will review dramas that have recently just aired or are currently airing. 

  • Network: SBS
  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • Aired Dates: Septemeber 20-November 23 2019
  • Where to watch? Netflix
  • Starring: Lee Seung-Gi & Bae Suzy

"Vagabond." A drama that is full of action and suspense. "Vagabond" reunites Bae Suzy and Lee Seung Gi since 2013 when they starred in "Gu Family Book." (Expect some SPOILERS)

Lee Seung Gi stars as Cha Dul-Gun a stuntman who takes on the responsibility of his brother's son. Dul-Gun is full of dreams of being a top action star; however, life has other plans. Even though he has heart and willingness, he is not moving forward in his career. In the end, due to financial issues, Dul-Gun gives up on his dream in order to become a more responsible adult for his nephew, Cha Hoon. Cha Hoon notice there is something going on with his uncle, he distances himself from his uncle.  

Cha Hoon has an upcoming taekwondo exhibition with his team in Morocco; the night before his flight, he and Dul-Gun get into a fight. From there, things go from bad to worst. The flight Cha Hoon was on, crashed and killed everyone on the plane. As the families of the killed moron, Dul-Cun feels regret for the last interactions he had with his nephew.  During his grieving, he opens up a video  Cha Hoon sent to Dul-Cun before the plane went down. Within that video is a piece of information that will begin to expose the truth of what happened to the flight. 
The company that owns the plane invites the family of the bereaved to Morocco to give them answers and a chance to say good-bye. NIS agent, Go Hae-Ri (Bae Suzy) is undercover at the Korean embassy in Morocco. She is given the task of helping bereaved families of the flight while they are in Morocco. Dul-Cun is among the families and right at his arrival, he encounters a male who was in the video his nephew sent him (the piece of information). Dul-Cun is taken back because of his knowledge, everyone on the flight supposedly died. Why is this man alive? From there Dul-Cun takes chase and it begins the cat and mouse game. 

And of course, Go Hae-Ri is put in the middle since she was in charge of the bereaved. At first, Go Hae-Ri thinks Dul-Cun is crazy with his claims the flight was taken down by terrorists and the guy in his video is still alive. As time goes on, Go Hae-Ri believes Dul-Cun and begins her investigation as an agent into what happened to the flight. With anything, nothing comes easy. Dul-Cun and Go Hae-Ri start to unravel a dark set of secrets to includes NIS and the Blue House. To which no one can be trusted. The closer to the truth, the price to have them silence is high. 

I can say this drama is an edge on your seat! Normally K-dramas is more about the drama and less about the suspense. Now there are still in my opinion, enough melodrama to go around. With that stated, let's get into the cons
This drama doesn't have many cons for it was written and acted very well. The only con to me is the ending. Not going to say the ending, but it is a curse at your T.V. screen type ending. In my mind. It does get frustrating when it is clear of who is behind the whole tragedy but they keep getting away with everything.  I guess that is part of the thrill of the cat and mouse game.

This drama is banging! Beyond wonderful. The chemistry between Suzy and Seung Gi brings life to the characters. The show doesn't wait at all to get to the plot of the story. One of the best parts of this drama is the little bits of humor they add to it. The story is intense and sad, but the humor breaks up the intense thick air. The action scenes are mind-blowing! Seung Gi is a PERFECT action star. The second episode jumps right into the action and does not disappoint. Plus the show films on location in Morocco and not a set. The best and worst scene was when Dul-Cun is grieving for his nephew. The tears Seung Gi sheds makes you just want to give him the biggest hug. You felt his pain. It made me cry. Because not only did the character lost his only family, the guilt he felt. And when you learn of why his nephew died, it just makes the pain more but can make you wish hurt on those who caused the loss. 

SN: This drama does bring together some of the top actors in K-drama world to round off the cast such as:  
Kim Min Jong (Gentleman's Dignity) 

Jeong Man Sik (Veteran)
Lee Ki Young (Mrs. Cop)

 Lee Kyoung Young (Misty) 

Final Thoughts
My final thoughts about this drama are this is worth a watch. The drama does not seem too outrageous with the plot and it flows nicely. The 16 episodes give you answers but then again it leaves things unknown. The drama is not hard to figure out what is up which gives the watcher a chance to enjoy the drama fully without having to overwork their brain. The scenes with Suzy Seung Gi are just fabulous and sexy also. The way the romance builds makes your heartbeat or your teeth hurt from the sweetness. Overall this drama is 8 out of 10 stars. I would give it 10 stars, but again the ending just pissed me off and...well you need to watch it. 

The Trailer for Vagabond: Enjoy